360 Liposuction

“Liposuction 360” is a term that has been increasingly used to describe liposuction that encompasses the whole body (front and back).  We typically perform liposuction on the front and back of the body to treat the body in 360 to achieve maximal effect.
If you only treat the front of the body, you may not achieve the waistline desired as the body does not just exist in two-dimensional space but three-dimensional space.  For that reason, treating the patient from both sides of the body helps us to achieve maximal contouring of the body.
There is no additional charge for “liposuction 360” aside from additional time that may be spent in working on both the FRONT and BACK of the body.
Liposculpture is the art of sculpting your body to the shape you want through strategically planned liposuction. Liposuction is the # 1 most effective method of reducing and safely dealing with stubborn fat deposits that are genetically inherited and engineered into your DNA.
With years of experience using and developing new, cutting edge body enhancement techniques through plastic surgery, lipo, anti-aging rejuvenation techniques, Dr. Nikolas & Paul Chugay have both the medical experience and the artistic instincts required to help you guide your body into the perfect design that was meant for you.